Mansoura University Honors 87 Scholars and Researchers in 12th Celebration of Science Day


Today on Monday 12th July 2021, Mansoura University honored 87 scientists and scholars who won the State Merit awards, State encouragement Awards and awards that are awarded by individuals and organizations in 12th Celebration of Science Day at the Conference Hall, Mansoura University. The attendees were: Prof. Ashraf Mohamed Abdel-Basset, President of Mansoura University, Prof. Ashraf Tarek Hafez, Vice-President of the University of Postgraduates Studies and Research, Prof. Mohamed Attia Elbayoumy, Vice-President of the University for Education and Students’ Affairs, former University’s Presidents and Former Vice- Presidents, Directors of University’s Hospitals and Medical Centers. In addition to, a number of Deans of the Faculties and Vice-Deans, Mr.Usama Mousa, General Secretary of the University and his assistants.

Prof. Ashraf Abdel-Basset praised the role of the University’s staff members in enriching the scientific research and raising the ranking of the University locally and internationally. Further, he stressed on the University’s keen on providing the suitable environment of the scientific research and its financial aid as well as supporting the international publishing of the university’s researches in the field of humanities.

Prof. Ashraf Tarek Hafez pointed out the care of the University’s administration to develop the scientific research through the merge between the experience of senior scholars and the enthusiasm of young ones. Besides, he demanded the importance of increasing the number of international publishing in fields of global interest, to raise the ranking of the university. He praised the raising of classification of scientific magazines of the university’s faculties which are 21 magazines, and sponsoring the international publishing of the university’s researches in the field of humanities, according to the University’s Council decision. Dr. Amr Awad, the general coordinator of researches at Mansoura University pointed out that the university was ranked the first locally and was ranked among the best 500 international universities according to Times Ranking 2020. He noted that there are 31 scholars of Mansoura University who are among the Stanford list of the most influential scholars internationally. He added that Mansoura University’s scholars published 23,000 researches approximately in international magazines and 110,000 citations approximately were cited from them by the end of 2020, and 2500 researches were published in international magazines.

Prof. Ashraf Abdel-Basset, Prof. Ashraf Tarek Hafez, and Prof. Mohamed Attia ElBayoumy, honored a number of the University’s professors and researchers who won Stanford Awards for References on all Researches, State, Individuals and Organizations, University, and Foreign Organizations ones. The most notable prestigious honored persons are: Prof. Mohamed Ghoniem, and Prof. Ahmed Shokeer who are professors of Urology and Nephrology and won Stanford award for references on all researches, Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Khalek, professor of Diagnostic Radiology at the Faculty of Medicine who won Stanford award for references on all researches and the University’s Excellence award 2020. Besides, Prof. Mohamed Ghoniem, Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts who won the States Merit award in Sociology in 2018. In addition to, Prof. Gamal Sheha, Professor of Gastrointestinal at the Faculty of Medicine who won the State ‘s Merit Award in Medical Sciences field for the year 2009. Prof. ElSayed Ahmed Abdel-khalek, Professor of Economics and Finance at the Faculty of Law who won the State’s Merit Award for Social Sciences fields for the year 2019. Professor Nahed AlAnany, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy who won the University’s award for Excellence. On the margin of the ceremony, TICO office presented a number innovations and projects of the University’s students in different fields.



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