Faculty library

Library establishment

The library was established in 1995 in the building of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine inside the university campus.

Library Vision

The library seeks to be distinguished by providing its graduates with various scientific knowledge and identifying sources of information as it has an important role in the educational process in terms of providing assistance to researchers in the process of development, progress and scientific research.

Library working hours

The library starts working from eight thirty in the morning until two in the afternoon, seven days a week.

Library contents

The reading hall is divided into three sections:

  • Library of books and scientific references
  • Scientific Theses Library
  • periodicals library

Services provided

  • Guidance services by answering beneficiaries' inquiries
  • View all the holdings in the library by accessing the future library management system https://www.mans.edu.eg/index.php/e-management-systems/future-library-management
  • Internal borrowing: The student enrolled in the college in all levels has the right to borrow books internally and view them.
  • External borrowing: The student enrolled in the college in all levels has the right to external borrowing after completing the guarantee form.
  • Photocopying: Existing holdings of books, references, letters or periodicals can be photocopied within the permissible percentage in order to preserve intellectual property rights.
  • Registration in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank https://www.ekb.eg/
  • Making the profile of  of the teaching staff .
  • Access to global databases 

Communicate through

Tel: 050-02200825

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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