Degrees offered:

Degrees offered:

I-Diploma of:

1-Diploma of Veterinary Extension.

2-Diploma of Laboratory Animals.

3-Diploma of Zoo animals.

4-Diploma of Artificial Insemination

5-Diploma of Fish Diseases.

6-Diploma of Veterinary Public Health

7-Diploma of Reproduction

8-Diploma of Poultry diseases.

9-Diploma of Clinical Pathology

10-Diploma of Food Hygiene

11-Diploma of Animal Management.

12-Diploma of Pet Animals.

13-Diploma of Farmstock Diseases.

14-Diploma of Veterinary Pharmacology.

15-Diploma of Veterinary Surgery.

16-Diploma of Animal byproducts.

17-Diploma of Environmental Pollutions

18-Diploma of Applied Parasitology.

19-Diploma of Microbiology.

20-Diploma of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.

21-Diploma of clinical biochemistry.

II- Master Degree of Veterinary Medical Sciences.

III- Philosophy Doctorate of Veterinary Medical Sciences.

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