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The Training and Career Qualification Unit is responsible for planning, implementing and following up the operations of training students and qualifying graduates in cooperation with the Student Affairs Department, coordinating holding training courses in preparing a CV and personal interview, and assisting in the employment of graduates.


Raising the professional competence of the graduate to be competitive at the local, regional and global levels

Unit message

The Training and Career Qualification Unit helps develop the scientific and professional skills of college students and graduates, increases their knowledge of the work environment, prepares them for the veterinary labor market, and expands their employment opportunities.

Unit Objectives

Continuous training for students
Contribute to the employment of graduates by:
Follow up on the newspapers related to the request for veterinarian jobs and announce them on the bulletin board of the training unit with contacting the graduates who meet the conditions
Contact the companies or advertisers in the newspapers and obtain from them all the information about the announced company to register it in a database of the training unit for use in time of need
Providing an idea about the training unit and its activity in the field of graduate employment for the advertisers in the various newspapers
Continuous training for graduates through:
Training distinguished college graduates in various veterinary fields for at least three months
Qualifying graduates for the veterinary labor market and helping them set up private small projects
The center can hold specialized courses at the request of one of the devices, such as beneficiaries of the Social Fund or any other bodies with the approval of the college administration
Create an alumni association.

Unit formation

1. Dr. Hossam Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim Assistant Professor Department of Internal Medicine (Chairman)
2. Dr. Marwa Al-Saeed Abbas, Lecturer in the Department of Surgery (Member)
3. Dr. Eman El-Sayed Mohamed, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Forensic Medicine (Member)
4. Dr. Eman Mohamed Imbabi, assistant meds, Department of Physiology (Member)
5. Dr. Helmy Kamal Mofeed Nasif, Assistant Lecturer, Al-Batinah Department (Member)
6. Dr. Nora Ali Al-Sayed Teaching Assistant (Member)
7. Dr. Nermin Sharif Ali Abdel-Gawad, Teaching Assistant (Member)
8. Dr. Aya Hossam El Din Rushdi Ibrahim, Teaching Assistant (Member)
9. Dr. Shaima Ahmed Mujahid Hassan, Teaching Assistant (Member)
10. Dr. Sally Mujahid Ali Mujahid, Teaching Assistant (Member)
11. Student/ Sarah Saeed Ahmed Mohamed (Member)
12. Student/ Sarah Mohamed Fawzy Younes (Member)
13. Talib/ Hamed Khaled Mohamed Abdel Aal (Member)
14. Student/ Maryam Fathi Al-Saeed Amin (Member)

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