Department Of Hygiene, and Zoonoses

 Vision of Department: 

We look forward to assume the Hygiene and Zoonoses department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University a prominent place in the field of animal Hygiene and Zoonoses and public health locally and regionally based on its educational and research activities and community services.

 Mission of Department:

We seek to gain access to the preparation of a graduate high efficiency in different environments, management of the animal to increase production efficiency and early detection of epidemiological zoonotic and infectious diseases using modern techniques and analysis of vital data, prevention and how to raise awareness for the prevention of these diseases among members of the surrounding community.

 The objectives of the strategy Department:

  • Knowledge of the natural environments in which animals live and their reflection on his health positively or negatively.
  • Training on health intervention in environments that lack of health care in order to provide health and preventive care for different animals
  • - Study the determinants of diseases in different animal environments and their interaction to the occurrence of disease
  • Knowledge of the epidemiology of zoonotic diseases
  •  Ways of dealing and diagnosis of these diseases by using modern techniques and analysis of vital data to develop plans for the prevention and control of these diseases in order to raise the animal health and productivity efficiency economically.
  • How to promote awareness and prevention of these diseases among members of the community
  • Research and scientific projects developed in the field of animal hygiene and zoonotic diseases.
  • Strategies to raise awareness of the work and the fight against these diseases and prevent their occurrence in cooperation with local and international organizations.
  • The development of educational programs and courses for the two phases of undergraduate and graduate studies in the light of national academic standards of reference for the development of professional skills
  • Provide excellent programs of study for students in the light of contemporary global trends and the needs of the labor market.


 Department Staff

The Name The Job

 Prof. Dr. Adel Helmy El-Gohary 

 Prof. & Head of Department.

 Prof. Dr. Amr Abd EL-Fattah


Dr. Fatma Al-Zaharaa Abd El-Hameed Ahmed El-Gohary 


Dr. Mayada Mossad Ahmed Shaban 

 Dr. Marwa Fawzy El-Metwaly


Dr. Hazem Hassan El-sayed Mahmoud Ramadan 


Dr. Fatma El Baz Brakat El Baz 

 Assist. Lecturer 

Dr. Amira Hassan Ali Khalil Shosha 

 Assist. Lecturer

 Dr. Mona Mohii El Din El Sayed Mohamed

 Assist. Lecturer

Dr. Doaa Nagib Eln El Saeid Hassaan 

 Assist. Lecturer

 Dr. Basma Moharam Ahmed Badawi  Assist. Lecturer
 Dr. Shaimaa Ali El Baz  Demonstrator
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