Strategy Objectives

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University, aims at achieving a set of goals:

  1. The development of the institutional capacity of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University to develop strategies for achievement of goals, mission and vision of the Faculty.
  2. Activation of the Faculty's role in the development of a plan of community service and environmental development and preparing the student to participate in solving the problems of the community in the surrounding environment.
  3.  Systems of institutional evaluation and sophisticated and effective quality management.
  4. The development and modernization of systems and programs of postgraduate studies in line with the needs of the community
  5. Spreading the culture of hard scientific research aiming to the practical application by identifying the environmental problems related to the field of Veterinary medicine in order to provide appropriate solutions
  6. . Providing students with the basic skills and knowledge through the development of their abilities and the incensement of their intellectual and professional concepts.
  7. The development of teaching and learning strategies and developing a standard curriculum and increasing the proportion of students' activities and the support provided to the student during the period of his study.
  8. Developing mechanisms to increase job satisfaction and leadership development and performance evaluation.
  9. Spread awareness about specifications of the organizational structure and job description and the role of leadership in resource development.
  10. . The adequacy of resources and appropriate buildings and facilities, and working on expanding the Faculty's resources.
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